SE&CR Trio ‘B’ Coaches – Pack 1

SE&CR Trio ‘B’

Pack 1


7 different diagram coaches

2 different liveries

Several customisable features

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14 type ‘B’ Trio sets were formed by the South Eastern & Chatham Railway between 1909 and 1915.

The Trio sets, with their distinctive ‘birdcage’ guard lookouts are instantly recognizable.

Although no type ‘B’ coaches are preserved with this add-on you can recreate the sets as they would have appeared between 1909 and 1916 – 1919.


  • Diagram 2303/2 Tri-Composite Brake
  • Diagram 2331/1 Tri-Composite
  • Diagram 2331/2 Tri-Composite
  • Diagram 2335/1 Tri-Composite
  • Diagram 2335/2 Tri-Composite
  • Diagram 2332/2 Brake Third – Ashford & Met batches
  • SE&CR ‘Purple Lake’ Livery
  • SE&CR Light Crimson Livery
  • Customisable Destination Boards
  • Customisable Compartment Window Styles
  • Customisable Set Numbers
  • Customisable Steam Heating (steam heating hoses are automatically removed during the summer.)
  • Carriage Lighting Control
  • Automatic Tail Lamp
  • Variants with and without window bars
  • Class Designations and Dynamic Coach Number on each internal door


Download Size: The add-on is just over 2 GB in size, so please make sure you have enough hard drive space before purchasing.

27 Page Manual Included