SR Maunsell ‘N15’ SCOTCHMEN 4-6-0

SR ‘N15’ class


23 Different Liveries

70 Variations

3 5000 Gallon Tender Variants

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Built to provide motive power for the Southern’s growing continental traffic, the 30 Scotchmen locomotives were 1 of the 3 sub-classes to the Maunsell ‘King Arthur’ family.

Recreated in high detail, with 23 different liveries and with over 70 variations that can be changed via dynamic numbering.

No. 777 Sir Lamiel, the only preserved N15, is included in its preserved liveries.

add-on features

  • Around 70 variations that can be changed via the dynamic numbering these include Smoke Deflectors, Lamp Irons, Smokebox Doors, Handrails and more
  • 23 Different Liveries (not including the 3 BR emblems)
  • Splasher lining changes with each nameplate
  • PDF Document documents the over 300 accurate combinations, but you can create your own
  • 3 Urie 5000 gallon tender variants
  • 30 3D Nameplates in correct Southern font
  • 3D BR Numberplates and BR Shedcode Plates
  • BR and SR lamps and headcode discs
  • Dynamic Smoke that changes with the seasons
  • Opening Smokebox Door and fully modelled Smokebox interior
  • Some models fitted with vacuum pump (including correct simulation)
  • Realistic Injector Operation
  • 7 Preset Cabviews giving you easy access to all the controls
  • Water Gauge level changes with the gradients (watch out when you get to the top of a hill you may find you have less water in the boiler than you thought)
  • Custom 3D cab with 777 preservation differences included
  • Regulator Delay (which can be turned off)
  • Simple Controls built into the Advanced Model
  • Advanced Model which turns on Advanced Scripts
  • Multiple whistles including quilable whistle
  • Custom Soundset – recorded from No.777 Sir Lamiel
  • 4 Scenarios – 2 on the Watercress Line (Available from Just Trains) and 2 on the Settle – Carlisle line (Available from Steam)

Please ensure that you have the European Community Asset Pack available on Steam:
You will need to check if you have one of the routes which include the European Community Asset Pack.

Download Size: Although the download is only around 430 MB the add-on is over 6.0 GB in size, so please make sure you have enough hard drive space before purchasing. The large size is simply because of the number of liveries involved.