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Designed as a development of earlier 0-4-4-Ts, the 66 members of the ‘H’ class, constructed between 1904 – 1915, proved a sound investment. They were well liked by the crews, and the boiler proved so free-steaming that it was used to reboiler several of the older SE&CR classes. 1 ‘H’, No. 263 is preserved and can still be seen running today on the Bluebell Railway.

Features include:

  • Over 70 variations …
  • 12 Different Liveries
  • 67 Individual Locomotive Models
  • 3 Different coal and water capacities
  • SR Diagram 2407 Driving Brake Composite (Drivable and Non-Drivable Versions)
  • SR Diagram 2023 Open Second
  • 3D SE&CR Numerals
  • 3D SR Numberplates
  • 3D BR Numberplates and BR Shedcode Plates
  • SE&CR, SR and BR lamps and headcode discs
  • Fully Functioning, Simulated and Animated Push-Pull Gear
  • Opening Smokebox Door and fully modelled Smokebox interior
  • Simulated Vacuum Brake Operation
  • Simulated Air Brake Operation
  • Realistic Injector Operation
  • Several pre-set cabviews
  • Water Gauge Test can be performed
  • Custom 3D cab with preservation differences included
  • Semi-Scripted Auto-Fireman
  • Animated Shovel with coal
  • Airflow Simulation
  • Regulator Delay (which can be turned off)
  • Simple Controls built into the Advanced Model
  • Multiple whistle samples
  • Custom Soundset

Download Size: Although the download is only around 500 mb, the add-on is approximately 4 GB in size, so please make sure you have enough hard drive space before purchasing.

This model makes use of the character figures from the Riviera Line in the Fifties add-on. Please ensure that you have this add-on available on Steam: