Frequently Asked Questions

If you find your question hasn’t been answered then please email me.

  • What is Train Simulator 2017?

Train Simulator 2017 is the latest iteration of the Train Simulator (previously Railworks) series of games created by Dovetail Games. It was released in September 2016. For more information have a look at the Train Simulator Website

  • I’m new to the game, can I just purchase one of your add-on’s without purchasing Train Simulator 2017?

No. SLC Add-on’s require the core game to work. You must have purchased Train Simulator 2017 in order for any SLC add-on’s to work. Please read the description on each add-on as there may be extra requirements.

  • Will your add-on’s work with Train Sim World?

No. As already announced by Dovetail Games, Train Sim World is a completely new game. As such, no add-on’s for Train Simulator will work with Train Sim World. This does not rule out add-on’s being released for Train Sim World in the future.

  •  I’m a returning customer, have I lost my previous purchases?

No. All purchases made on the old SLC website should have been transferred over to the new system.

  • I purchased SLC add-on’s using an old email address that I don’t use anymore can I transfer purchases to my new email address?

Yes. If you wish to transfer your purchases, please email me with you request. Please include:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Old Email Address
  • Your New Email Address
  • Which Add-on’s you’ve have purchased
  • Your Order ID’s (if possible)

Please allow 1 working week for the transfers to be made.