SLC Update August 2017

Hi everyone,

Apologies the silence over the last 6 months.

I’m pleased to say that the T9 is nearing completion. I decided back in April to rebuild certain aspects of the model to improve accuracy.

While the screenshots I’ll be showing in this blog post are still Work In Progress, I thought you might like an advanced look at some of the liveries.

First up is the LSWR Green as carried by engines superheated before December 1923.

T9 No. 314 with Wide splashers in LSWR Green

As it wasn’t envisaged that locomotives would be coupled to trains running tender first, the front coupling hook was a short one.

T9 No. 733 with Combined splashers and Maunsell superheater in LSWR Green

No. 733 was the only T9 to receive a Maunsell superheater with an LSWR livery.

From December 1923 a handful of T9s were painted in what was effectively the LSWR livery but with the white lining changed to yellow. In addition Maunsell serif numerals were added to the front bufferbeam and a cast brass numberplate attached to the cabside and rear of the tender.

T9 No. 307 with Wide splashers in Early SR Green livery
T9 No. 121 with Combined splashers in Early SR Green livery

In a future set of blog posts I’m planning on showing all the liveries, as well as all the variations that are available.

Until next time

James (SLC)