I’m pleased to announce that the second Trio ‘B’ pack is now available. Pack 2 focuses on the SE&CR ‘Wellington’ brown livery used from 1916 until the grouping in 1923.

The same 6 different coach diagrams that were in pack 1 are included, with 2 different versions of the brown livery available:

  • SECR Clean Brown
  • SECR/SR Weathered Brown

In 1923 the Southern Railway renumbered the SE&CR sets, with the Trio ‘B’s becoming 515 – 528. It seems likely that the new set numbers were applied to trains even when the coaches remained in SECR brown. Additionally, the roof destination board brackets appear to have been removed around this period and replaced by side destination brackets.

The exact period covered by this pack will vary with each coach. Some like Diagram 2335/2 No. 667 received SR Green very early (October 1923) while others like Diagram 2331/2 No. 813 & Diagram 2332/2 No. 840 were not repainted into SR colours until October 1929.

While compiling a list of the changes required for pack 2, I found a photograph that showed class designations and coach numbers on the inside of the coach door. Once I’d figured out how to achieve this efficiently on one of the coaches in pack 2, this feature was applied to pack 1 and was included in the recent update earlier in the month.

V1.2 of pack 1 is also now available, this fixes a couple of issues with the coaches and some minor alterations to the manual. Customers should receive an email notification within the next 24 hours.

In pack 3 the Trio ‘B’s enter Southern Railway ownership and green becomes the dominant colour for the next 20 years.

Until next time …

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