SLC Update 30 January 2022

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. A new year, new goals and a new look. The website needed a refresh as I haven’t changed its appearance much since I started SLC. Hopefully, the new look will make it easier for you to find what you’re after.

Talking of things you might be interested in, having included the Maunsell push-pull coaches with the ‘H’ class add-on, I’ve decided to go a step further. I’m pleased to announce the release of the first SLC rolling stock add-on, the SE&CR Trio ‘B’s.

In the past, when I’ve released locomotive DLC, all of the liveries are included in the one pack. It’s easier to produce updates and reuse textures, making the add-on more efficient. However, with the coaches, there is the opportunity to produce multiple packs, each focusing on a particular era. The first pack focuses on the period 1909 – 1916.

So what’s included in the pack.

  • Diagram 2303/2 Tri-Composite Brake – 15 coaches (14 used in the type ‘B’ sets)
  • Diagram 2331/1 Tri-Composite Lavatory – 13 coaches (5 used in the type ‘B’ sets)
  • Diagram 2331/2 Tri-Composite Lavatory – 15 coaches (5 used in the type ‘B’ sets)
  • Diagram 2335/1 Tri-Composite Lavatory – 9 coaches (1 used in the type ‘B’ sets)
  • Diagram 2335/2 Tri-Composite Lavatory – 15 coaches ( 3 used in the type ‘B’ sets)
  • Diagram 2332/2 Brake Third – 20 coaches (15 used in the type ‘B’ sets)

Two liveries are included, SE&CR ‘purple lake’ which was used until 1910/1912 and the light ‘crimson’ that replaced it.

There are several customisable features that you can select by changing the dynamic number. These include:

  • Brake end set numbers
  • Destination boards, with selectable destinations
  • Steam heating
  • Compartment window type
  • Carriage lighting

Variants with and without window bars are also included, along with ready to place Quick Drive consists and fragments for you to create your own.

The remaining three packs will appear soon. I hope to show some preview pictures before they are released.

Until next time…