SLC Update 1 July 2022

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.

Apologies for the lack of updates over the past few months. April was a hectic month outside of SLC work, and due to various decisions that I have taken it would have been premature to reveal what I’ve been working on. A couple of weeks ago I posted a clue on the ‘In Development’ page, and I am now able to reveal what that secret project is.

It’s easy to think that producing a pack of coaches is a simple matter, but in many respects, building coaches is more complicated and involved than locomotives. As I mentioned in a previous blog post I now have several projects on the go at any one time, including the remaining two Trio ‘B’ packs, allowing me to adapt to circumstances and changing interests. Consequently, I may have projects underway that I have announced. One of which is…

The SR Maunsell ‘Z’ class!

While the ‘Z’ class engines were a small class, only 8 being built, they have a fascinating history and I’m looking forward to revealing some of that history in the add-on and the accompanying manual.

Modelling work is progressing well and scripting, as well as sound setup, has already started. Keep an eye on the blog for more information.

Until next time…

SLC Update 1 March 2022

Another month, another blog post.

A big thank you to everyone who has purchased the first Trio B pack, I hope you’re enjoying the coaches. Work on the remaining packs is well underway. Rather than getting one pack finished and moving on to the next, I’ve decided to get one coach finished in each of the packs. This allows me to check that I’m happy with the overall appearance of each livery before starting on the remaining coaches.

In the meantime, I thought you might be interested in seeing some Work In Progress shots of the upcoming liveries.

Diagram 2332/2 – Southern Railway Late 1920s Green
Diagram 2332/2 – Southern Railway Post-War Malachite Green

But that’s not all I have for this post. It’s always been my intention, whenever possible, to keep my add-ons up to date. However, because I’ve been working in a very linear fashion, scheduling a slot for updating add-ons has been a challenge, with the inevitable results that they haven’t got done.

However, I’ve changed the way I work and as the ‘Schools’ class is the most popular SLC add-on it is the first add-on that will be upgraded.

What will be involved in the update process?

  • Any parts of the model which are not up to standards or incorrect will be remade/altered.
  • The texturing will be completely redone, and texturing techniques like those on the Trio ‘B’ coaches will be used.
  • The soundset will be heavily reworked with a large number of new sounds.
  • The latest SLC scripting will be applied.
  • The add-on will be expanded to include all members of the class.
  • Additional liveries and variations will be added.

As a result of a large number of changes planned, this will not be a free update for existing customers. However, there will be some form of discount for anyone who owns the SLC ‘Schools’ add-on that is currently available.

The update won’t be happening overnight, so keep an eye on the blog for any updates.

Until next time …

SLC Update 30 January 2022

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. A new year, new goals and a new look. The website needed a refresh as I haven’t changed its appearance much since I started SLC. Hopefully, the new look will make it easier for you to find what you’re after.

Talking of things you might be interested in, having included the Maunsell push-pull coaches with the ‘H’ class add-on, I’ve decided to go a step further. I’m pleased to announce the release of the first SLC rolling stock add-on, the SE&CR Trio ‘B’s.

In the past, when I’ve released locomotive DLC, all of the liveries are included in the one pack. It’s easier to produce updates and reuse textures, making the add-on more efficient. However, with the coaches, there is the opportunity to produce multiple packs, each focusing on a particular era. The first pack focuses on the period 1909 – 1916.

So what’s included in the pack.

  • Diagram 2303/2 Tri-Composite Brake – 15 coaches (14 used in the type ‘B’ sets)
  • Diagram 2331/1 Tri-Composite Lavatory – 13 coaches (5 used in the type ‘B’ sets)
  • Diagram 2331/2 Tri-Composite Lavatory – 15 coaches (5 used in the type ‘B’ sets)
  • Diagram 2335/1 Tri-Composite Lavatory – 9 coaches (1 used in the type ‘B’ sets)
  • Diagram 2335/2 Tri-Composite Lavatory – 15 coaches ( 3 used in the type ‘B’ sets)
  • Diagram 2332/2 Brake Third – 20 coaches (15 used in the type ‘B’ sets)

Two liveries are included, SE&CR ‘purple lake’ which was used until 1910/1912 and the light ‘crimson’ that replaced it.

There are several customisable features that you can select by changing the dynamic number. These include:

  • Brake end set numbers
  • Destination boards, with selectable destinations
  • Steam heating
  • Compartment window type
  • Carriage lighting

Variants with and without window bars are also included, along with ready to place Quick Drive consists and fragments for you to create your own.

The remaining three packs will appear soon. I hope to show some preview pictures before they are released.

Until next time…

SLC Update 30 November 2021

Hi Everyone, I hope you’re all well and staying safe.

I know I’ve not posted anything for a while, but hopefully, this blog will make up for the lack of updates during the summer.

H Class V1.3

I’m pleased to announce the release of V1.3 of the ‘H’ class add-on. I’d had the update planned, but when a customer raised an issue recently, it seemed like the ideal opportunity to get the update done. 

Let’s say I got a little carried away. What was intended to be updating a few textures turned into something larger, but I’m delighted with the results and I hope you’ll enjoy the update too.

So the list of changes/additions in V1.3 are:

  • Adjusted collision boxes on all locomotive models.
  • Altered reflectiveness and shininess of smokebox texture.
  • Adjusted sander steam particles.
  • Added sound to the steam sander.
  • Steam sanders now have a delay between opening the valve and sand being applied.
  • Altered colour of SE&CR Brunswick Green.
  • Altered colour of SE&CR Dark Red.
  • Added early SR Green (LSWR Green) model.
  • Corrected the shade of Dark Maunsell Green.
  • Added 1938 style of lining Dark Maunsell Green model.
  • Altered colour of Bulleid style lettering and numerals.
  • Altered colour of Bulleid ‘Sunshine’ style lettering and numerals.
  • Added 4 styles of Gill Sans numbering (8” Yellow, 8” Straw, 10” Yellow, 10” Straw).
  • BR Clean Transitional (now combined with BR Transitional livery).
  • Dynamic Numbering for BR Transitional & BR Transitional PP liveries re-done. (101 dynamic numbers).
  • Dynamic Numbering for BR Lined & BR Lined PP liveries re-done. (342 dynamic numbers).
  • Altered shades of Red, Grey, Cream & Yellow BR lining.
  • Added 2017 No. 263 Livery
  • Corrected colour of Gill Sans lettering and numerals on PP coaches.
  • Added lighting to PP coaches (turns on automatically at night time).

Another change I’ve made that might not be obvious is the use of AP files. While these don’t save you any storage space they do allow the add-on to benefit from the fast loading feature which was enabled as standard in Train Simulator 2022.

Lord Nelson Update

Work on the Lord Nelson add-on got put on hold during the summer as another project jumped into first place. As this project nears completion, I should be able to restart work on the Lord Nelson in the new year. 

Next Project

What is this mysterious project? Well, I’ll just leave this little teaser here.

Until next time.

SLC Update – 2 April 2021

The clocks have changed, the days are getting longer and spring is most definitely here. Work at SLC continues apace and I hope to soon release a scenario pack for the ‘H’ class.

I’m pleased to announce that V1.2 of the ‘H’ class add-on was released today. This update focuses mainly on improvements to the vacuum ejector and braking scripts, but there are a couple of other adjustments/fixes. Driving the ‘H’ is a much more interesting experience and I hope you enjoy it.

It’s been over two months since I last did an update on the ‘Lord Nelson’. While work hasn’t stopped, I like to try and show completely finished components in the blog posts. My focus has been on completing the bogie, bogie wheels, driving wheels, as well as the outside and inside motion. This task is made harder by the fact that across the classes lifetime everything except the bogie wheels received some change or modification. Oh well, they say variety is the spice of life, but right now I feel like I’ve got indigestion! Hopefully I’ll have a more visual update on the Nelson’s in the near future, so keep an eye on the blog.

Stay safe everyone.

James (SLC)

SLC Update – 27 January 2021

Hi everyone, hope you’re staying safe and well during these uncertain times. The end of November last year saw the release of the SE&CR ‘H’ class add-on and I must say thank you to everyone who has purchased the add-on so far, I hope you’re enjoying it.

With the ‘H’ class done it’s straight onto the next project the Lord Nelson class.

Examining drawings held at Search Engine in York has been an immeasurable help in finding some variations and details that would have otherwise been impossible to identify. So having got some new higher resolution drawings into Blender, the first step was to create as many animation rigs that I could without a physical model present. As a result I now have a rig for all four sets of valve gear, the cylinder drain cock linkage, the dampers and sander linkage.

With that accomplished, onto the modelling. Some like to build a complete base model and then in effect graft variations onto that model. Personally I prefer to have all the variations for a particular component modelled, ie all of the cylinder types, as it helps me ensure that everything fits together correctly.

So the current state of progress:

It might seem unbelievable, but in just these pictures I could show over 20 variations. Most are cylinder/blastpipe changes, but a few are frame differences.

You wouldn’t think the locomotive frames would have much in the way of variations, but steam locomotives have a knack for surprising you. As just one example of frame variation compare this photograph of 850 Lord Nelson with 857 Lord Howe.

Rail-Online: Lord Nelson 4-6-0 &emdash; 850 1930s Stewarts lane Rail-Online: Lord Nelson 4-6-0 &emdash; 857 1937-06 Eastleigh Works

Focus on the lightening hole between the middle and rear driving wheels. On No.850 this was a stadium shape (it is a little tricky to see on the photograph, look just above the coupling rod), whereas on every other member of the class a circular hole was made in the frames. You might easily miss that detail, but once you’ve seen it you can’t ignore it. Yet amazingly not one of the books about the class that I’ve read has pointed this detail out.

As I mentioned previously the drawings held at Search Engine have been a real help. If I have a drawing I don’t have to guess the dimensions, though interpreting a 2d drawing with no photographs is a challenge in itself. One of those challenging components was the Kylchap blastpipe.

As can be seen from the finished product, the curves in all three directions made it a difficult object to make, but the results more than justify the effort.

In other SLC news…

I’m pleased to say that the U class add-on is back on the website. The add-on was withdrawn in November 2018 due to a couple of issues being reported by customers. At the time I wasn’t able to fix them, but due to the influx of enquiries about the add-on as it is used in a number of scenarios that are available, I took another look. While I haven’t been able to fix all of the issues, enough has been done that I can justify putting it back on sale. However, the U class add-on is now approaching ten years since it was released and the add-on is not up to the standards of current SLC add-on’s. Therefore the re-release has a caveat. The add-on is ONLY intended for use as AI traffic in scenario’s. If you choose to use the add-on as a player-driven engine you will only be able to drive the engine using the keyboard or the HUD as I was unable to fix the inability to move the cab controls with the mouse. I can still only offer limited technical support.

While I won’t be posting every week, or indeed, every month, as progress on the Lord Nelson continues I plan to post an update whenever I can. Until next time …

SLC Update 13 March 2019

Hi everyone, another month, time for another blog post.

Work on the ‘H’ class continues and the end is most definitely in sight. It’s amazing how adding the little details to a model takes so much time in comparison to completing the large objects like boiler, smokebox etc. But it’s worth the effort in my opinion as those little details add so much character to a locomotive.

Because things like pipes often pass through the floor or cab sides, these big objects can’t be put into the game until the smaller items are finished and I’m happy with their positions. So while I still don’t have any renders of the locomotive in game to show, I thought you might enjoy a couple of renders of some of the more unusual items I’ve had to build for this add-on.


This might look a lot like a Westinghouse air pump, but is in fact the heart of the Ashford steam reverser. The various rods you can see are all essential in the operation of the steam reverser and as such will all move in the game.


The second item I wanted to show is the Ashford Works builders plate that was attached to the front splashers of the ‘H’ class, though some locomotives had their’s removed in later life. As you can see the lettering is all 3D and this will be the standard for things like the brass cabside numbers and BR numberplates.

I mentioned in the last blog post that some of the variations that will be included with the add-on, are ones that have never been revealed before. While I’m not going to say what those are just yet, I can say that the add-on will feature over 40 detail changes, some big, some small, that will be adjustable either through the dynamic numbering or will have separate locomotive models.

In terms of liveries, I planning on including 10, with some changes like logos being controlled by the dynamic numbering.

The manual will be a bit different from normal, as I’m going to be splitting it into two documents. One will be focused on using the add-on, while the other will focus on the history of the class and the various changes made over the years. This will hopefully make it easier to find information, rather than having to wade through a 40 page manual just to find a particular keyboard shortcut for example.

Another first for this model will be in the included stock, again I’m not going to reveal what it is at the moment, but to say I’m excited is an understatement.

In summary the ‘H’ will be a big leap forward for SLC in so many aspects and hopefully will be worth the wait.

See you next time.

James (SLC)


SLC Update – 1 February 2019

Hi everybody. I thought it was about time I wrote another blog post, so here we go.

Work on the ‘H’ class continues apace. January has been a busy month with a lot accomplished. Unfortunately though, I don’t have any in game screenshots to show in this blog post.

One reason I’m so excited to be bringing you the ‘H’ class is because of the little gems of new information that I’ve been able to uncover. There is precious little published, detailed, information on the history of the class besides D. L. Bradley’s The Locomotive History of the South Eastern & Chatham Railway from 1980. However, looking at photographs of the class during their working life has revealed several variations which have, as far as I have been able to ascertain, have never before been revealed in books or magazine articles.

It’s much the same story with the ‘Lord Nelson’. Research, which has included visiting the National Railway Museum to view original works drawings, has turned up a number of new variations/changes which haven’t been mentioned before.

Hopefully I’ll have some screenshots to show in the next blog post so keep checking the website.

Till next time

James (SLC)

SLC Update – October 2018

Hello everybody, welcome to another blog post.

Let’s dive right in with the updates.

The V1.3 update of the T9 has unfortunately had to be put on hold, as I need to gather more research on the Drummond 3,500 gallon tenders, among other things.

In the last blog post I mentioned one of the reasons why I’ve restarted the modelling on the Lord Nelson add-on. An additional factor is that I was hoping to release the add-on around the same time that 850 returned to steam after overhaul. As the overhaul hasn’t started yet, I’ve been working on a number of intermediate projects, including the ‘T9’. Another of these intermediate projects is nearing completion and I’m pleased to announce in this blog post that the next SLC add-on will be…


The Wainwright SE&CR ‘H’ class 0-4-4T

This beautifully proportioned 0-4-4T has been a class that I’ve been wanting to do for some time, so I’m thrilled to be building it for Train Simulator.

In a first for an SLC add-on there will be rolling stock included, I’m not going to reveal what just yet, but I’m confident you’ll all enjoy it!

Make sure you keep checking the blog, as my posts are irregular at best!

Until next time …

James (SLC)


SLC Update – 4 April 2018

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since the last blog post, so I though it was about time I gave an update of what’s been going on in the SLC workshop.


It’s now been 2 months since the release of the ‘T9’ and a big thank you must go to everyone who’s purchased the add-on, and also to those who have offered feedback.

As a result of said feedback I’m currently working on what will become V1.3 of the ‘T9’ add-on. While there will be a number of minor niggles fixed, the vast majority of the update will be adding new sounds and scripts. If you’ve purchased the ‘T9’ and have any feedback, then NOW is the time to send it in.

As well as the new sounds and scripts already mentioned the update will also add the 2 variants of the Drummond 3,500 gallon six-wheeled tender. Work on the 14 ft. wheelbase version is progressing well and a couple of renders are shown below.

I don’t know how long it will be before the update is released, so keep checking the blog for further updates.

Maunsell Lord Nelson

It might seem odd that in 2016 I was showing renders of a nearly complete Lord Nelson model and now seem to have reverted to the early stages of construction. The fact is that I’ve completely restarted the locomotive and tender models due to new research and new 3D modelling techniques that I’ve learnt while building the ‘T9’.

Work on researching the locomotive modifications is nearly complete, and work is well underway on the 4 different tenders.

Previously I’ve shown the progress on the flat-sided 5,000 gallon tender, which was the the usual style of tender coupled to a Lord Nelson. However, two Nelson’s, Nos. 852 and 853 were coupled to six-wheeled 4,000 gallon tenders from new until 1930. The 4,000 gallon tender was based on the flat-sided 5,000 gallon tender. This type of tender could be seen in various incarnations coupled to the Maunsell Moguls & Schools classes throughout Southern Railway and into BR days.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can show the first renders of the locomotive model.

That just about wraps up this post, thank you for reading.

Until next time …

James (SLC)