SLC Update 1 July 2022

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.

Apologies for the lack of updates over the past few months. April was a hectic month outside of SLC work, and due to various decisions that I have taken it would have been premature to reveal what I’ve been working on. A couple of weeks ago I posted a clue on the ‘In Development’ page, and I am now able to reveal what that secret project is.

It’s easy to think that producing a pack of coaches is a simple matter, but in many respects, building coaches is more complicated and involved than locomotives. As I mentioned in a previous blog post I now have several projects on the go at any one time, including the remaining two Trio ‘B’ packs, allowing me to adapt to circumstances and changing interests. Consequently, I may have projects underway that I have announced. One of which is…

The SR Maunsell ‘Z’ class!

While the ‘Z’ class engines were a small class, only 8 being built, they have a fascinating history and I’m looking forward to revealing some of that history in the add-on and the accompanying manual.

Modelling work is progressing well and scripting, as well as sound setup, has already started. Keep an eye on the blog for more information.

Until next time…

SLC Update 1 March 2022

Another month, another blog post.

A big thank you to everyone who has purchased the first Trio B pack, I hope you’re enjoying the coaches. Work on the remaining packs is well underway. Rather than getting one pack finished and moving on to the next, I’ve decided to get one coach finished in each of the packs. This allows me to check that I’m happy with the overall appearance of each livery before starting on the remaining coaches.

In the meantime, I thought you might be interested in seeing some Work In Progress shots of the upcoming liveries.

Diagram 2332/2 – Southern Railway Late 1920s Green
Diagram 2332/2 – Southern Railway Post-War Malachite Green

But that’s not all I have for this post. It’s always been my intention, whenever possible, to keep my add-ons up to date. However, because I’ve been working in a very linear fashion, scheduling a slot for updating add-ons has been a challenge, with the inevitable results that they haven’t got done.

However, I’ve changed the way I work and as the ‘Schools’ class is the most popular SLC add-on it is the first add-on that will be upgraded.

What will be involved in the update process?

  • Any parts of the model which are not up to standards or incorrect will be remade/altered.
  • The texturing will be completely redone, and texturing techniques like those on the Trio ‘B’ coaches will be used.
  • The soundset will be heavily reworked with a large number of new sounds.
  • The latest SLC scripting will be applied.
  • The add-on will be expanded to include all members of the class.
  • Additional liveries and variations will be added.

As a result of a large number of changes planned, this will not be a free update for existing customers. However, there will be some form of discount for anyone who owns the SLC ‘Schools’ add-on that is currently available.

The update won’t be happening overnight, so keep an eye on the blog for any updates.

Until next time …

SLC Update – October 2018

Hello everybody, welcome to another blog post.

Let’s dive right in with the updates.

The V1.3 update of the T9 has unfortunately had to be put on hold, as I need to gather more research on the Drummond 3,500 gallon tenders, among other things.

In the last blog post I mentioned one of the reasons why I’ve restarted the modelling on the Lord Nelson add-on. An additional factor is that I was hoping to release the add-on around the same time that 850 returned to steam after overhaul. As the overhaul hasn’t started yet, I’ve been working on a number of intermediate projects, including the ‘T9’. Another of these intermediate projects is nearing completion and I’m pleased to announce in this blog post that the next SLC add-on will be…


The Wainwright SE&CR ‘H’ class 0-4-4T

This beautifully proportioned 0-4-4T has been a class that I’ve been wanting to do for some time, so I’m thrilled to be building it for Train Simulator.

In a first for an SLC add-on there will be rolling stock included, I’m not going to reveal what just yet, but I’m confident you’ll all enjoy it!

Make sure you keep checking the blog, as my posts are irregular at best!

Until next time …

James (SLC)